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Do what you love (fuck the rest)

30 September 1992
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Dreamer, a depressed happy person & trying to find her way in life.

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, 100x100, a very long engagement, accents, adobe photoshop, art, arthur pendragon, arthurian legend, audiobooks, audrey tautou, augustana, being lazy, bones, books, booth/brennan, boyfriend, bradley james, british accents, cds, celtic, chase/cameron, chobits, chocolate, cola, cold case, coldplay, computer, cookies, culture, damien rice, dancing, dean winchester, design, drawing, dream team, dreaming, dvds, edward cullen, edward/bella, emily browning, england, fairy tales, family, fandom, fashion, forests, fragrances, freedom, friends, gaspard ulliel, ghost whisperer, graphics, green day, h&m, harry potter, henry cavill, history, hot chocolate, house md, huddy, hugs, ice tea, icons, internet, ipod, ireland, jane austen, japan, jasper/alice, jensen ackles, johnny depp, jude law, karaoke, kate todd, kate winslet, katie cassidy, katie mcgrath, keira knightley, keira knightly, kissing, languages, laughing, legends, lisa edelstein, livejournal, lj, london, love, lyrics, make-up, manga, maria mena, mat gordon, memoirs of a geisha, merlin, metallicar, monk, movies, mp3, murder she wrote, muse, music, mysteries, mythology, myths, ncis, onerepublic, painting, parfums, paris, philosophy, photography, photoshop, poetry, pride & prejudice, pushing daisies, rain, reading, rock, ron/hermione, sarcasm, sasha alexander, scotland, shopping, snow patrol, soundtracks, spring, strawberries, sunsets, supernatural, tea, textures, the fray, the gemma doyle trilogy, the host, the mentalist, the script, the time travelers wife, the tudors, titanic, traveling, tv shows, twilight, vampires, writing, youtube,